Special Occassion Dresses

Special Occasion dresses can take on many forms. I do many of the classic full skirted, button back style of dress, ideal for a flower girl or wedding guest. I also make cotton dresses suitable for school picture day or school concerts. A full circle skirt for maximum twirling and spinning is one of my favorite additions. For a skirt outfit, I will sometime purchase a higher quality t-shirt or sweater and embellish them to match the skirt we have created.

These styles are all made to exacting standards of construction with full linings, quality fastenings and beautiful embellishments. And of course my “Fairy Godmother Guarantee” means I am here to help fix any snags or pulls that can happen in active play.

I make the garments as generously as possible to leave room to grow, but of course fit is more of an issue that with other styles. So we will be careful to try on fit samples and ensure that the fit is right before making anything.

If your child is interested in a dress style that is not in my collection we can certainly discuss options for creating new patterns and styles. Depending on the level of newness there may be some additional cost due to the need to create new patterns. Also an interim fitting may be required.