Custom Project Story: A Tale of Two Sisters

This past late Fall and early Winter I had the special treat to create two dresses for sisters. Like so many of my custom creations it was so wonderful to see how the creative process (and final creations!) turned out in two very unique ways. Like the sisters, the dresses are equally beautiful and elegant, but very different in feel.

The first dress was for Miss C. Within minutes of entering the studio for her Custom Consult she had found a scrap of black/gold trim from another creation. From there I brought out the fabrics we ended up using which happen to be some of my favorites from my collection. The design process was then pretty straightforward. She knew she did not want any scratchy material on where she would feel it, so we paired the metallic netting and lace with a soft, silky satin bodice.

Here are some photos of Miss C and her mom at the Reveal Session of her dress, that anticipation and excitement is such an amazing part of this process. Not to mention the tenderness between parent and child that I get to witness!

And here she is in the final creation. What a beauty!

A few weeks later her older sister Miss P came for her custom Consult. Miss P was much quieter and more methodical in her choices. She was gravitating to soft ivory and ballet pinks. We had a great time pulling out a bunch of fabrics and had fun playing around with layering different colors of sheer fabrics together. This is one of my fabric design tricks, and we found a surprise color blend that brought out just the right shimmer in an iridescent snowflake patterned netting by underlaying it with a peach mesh. 

While the bodice construction of the two dresses is identical, sometimes different fabrics dictate different silhouettes. So for Miss P's dress we went with a circle skirt construction that give a slim line through the waist but flares out for maximum twirl. Very sophisticated.

Miss P's Reveal Session was one of my favorites. I mean look at that grin! 

And the dress just floats on her, so so soft and lovely!

I always love to hear the end story of how the dresses are worn and the special experiences that are had in them. The girls got to wear their dresses to the Magic of Christmas event which they attended with grandparents who were visiting internationally, a magic night all around. And a special treat for me, the girls wore the dresses for a wonderful photoshoot with my friend Emilie of Emilie Inc that ended up on the family Holiday Card, so fun!